Domain Reseller Error: Renewal Action Locked In Processing; Will Be Automatically Processed By The System

The error message "Renewal action locked in processing; will be automatically processed by the system" is one of the many problems that domain resellers may run into.

Resellers may be confused by this cryptic notification, especially if they lack the knowledge necessary to address the problem quickly. When confronted with the "Renewal action locked in processing" error, swift action is imperative to prevent any disruption to the domain's functionality.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to tackle this issue effectively:

1- Verify Account Balance: The first course of action is to ascertain whether the reseller's account balance is sufficient to cover the renewal fees. Access the reseller control panel or dashboard to review the account balance and ensure that it meets the requisite amount.

2- Top-Up Account: If the account balance is inadequate, promptly replenish it by adding funds through the designated payment methods.

Kindly refer to the article on how to add fund to domain reseller account:

Monitor Status: Keep a close eye on the status of the renewal process through the reseller control panel or dashboard. In some instances, the system may automatically retry the renewal once the account balance is replenished, resolving the issue without further intervention.

Contact Support: In cases where the error persists despite having a sufficient account balance, reach out to the  support team for assistance. Provide them with detailed information about the error message, including the affected domain name, and request an expedited resolution.


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