How to install acronis agent on linux server



How to install an Acronis agent on the Linux server.


Once ordered the backup services, you will receive an activation mail using which you need to activate your Acronis account.

  1. Download Acronis agent

  • Download the Acronis Linux agent
    NOTE: Make sure you download the latest version of the Acronis agent from the portal, below is just an example

                  Cmd ⇒ wget

  • Change binary file permission to make the file executable.

                Cmd ⇒  chmod 755 CyberProtect_AgentForLinux_x86_64.bin 

  • Execute/Run the file

                Cmd ⇒  ./CyberProtect_AgentForLinux_x86_64.bin 

 Once you execute the command follow below steps:

  • Select "Acronis Backup Agent for Linux " the backup agent and the installed required packages.


  • Once the installation is done then click on "show registration info".

Click Show registration info. The setup program shows the registration link and the registration code. You can copy them and perform the registration steps on a different machine. In this case, you will need to enter the registration code in the registration form. The registration code is valid for one hour.



2. Login to the Acronis portal

Login to the Acronis portal using the login username and click on continue.


Enter your password and click the Sign In button.


2.1 Add devices using Registration code

Go to device

Click the add button and scroll down

Select "Registration Via code" and click on "Register" button

Insert Registration code

Once done all steps your devices added successfully.



Once the backup agent is installed, the device you selected to backup will display in the backup portal.

Follow the Next steps to Creating a backup plan for a device


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