Installing an SSL Certificate on Virtualmin.

  1. Login to Virtualmin:

    • Open your browser and navigate to your Virtualmin panel, usually at https://your-domain:10000 or https://yourserver-IP:10000.
    • Login with your Virtualmin credentials.
  2. Select the Desired Virtual Server:

    • In the Virtualmin section, click on "List Virtual Servers".
    • Choose the virtual server you want to install the SSL certificate for.

  3. Navigate to Server Configuration:

    • In the left sidebar, under the selected virtual server, click on "Server Configuration".
  4. Manage SSL Certificates:

    • Click on "Manage SSL Certificate".

  5. Go to the Update Certificate Option:

    • Locate and click on the "Update Certificate" option.
  6. Input Certificate Details:

    • You'll be presented with sections to input or update your certificate details:
      • Private Key: Here, paste the private key associated with your certificate. This key should have been given to you by your certificate provider and must be kept confidential.
      • Certificate: In the provided section, paste the actual SSL certificate you received from your certificate provider.
      • CA Certificate: If your certificate provider supplied a CA bundle or intermediate certificates, paste them in the provided section.
  7. Save and Install:

    • After inputting all the details, click on the "Save" or "Install Now" button (whichever is presented) to apply the certificate to your virtual server.
  8. Verify the Installation:

    • Check Within Virtualmin:

      • After updating the certificate, Virtualmin typically displays a confirmation message or shows the updated certificate details. Ensure the details match what you've provided.
    • Browser Verification:

      • Open a new browser tab.
      • Navigate to your domain using the HTTPS protocol (e.g.,
      • The browser should display a padlock icon, indicating a secure connection. Additionally, you can click on the padlock to view certificate details and ensure they match the details from your certificate provider.

    This should guide you through the process of updating your SSL certificate on Virtualmin using the "Update Certificate" option

    Verify the Installation:

    • Open a new browser tab and navigate to your domain using HTTPS (e.g., You should be able to access the site without any SSL warnings, and the certificate details should reflect that it's issued by your certificate provider.

That's it! Your SSL certificate from your certificate provider should now be installed and active on your Virtualmin server. Remember to check the expiration date of your certificate and renew it before it expires to ensure continuous SSL protection for your site.

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