Security Patch for Debian Servers Using AMD 7200 Series: Addressing the Zenbleed Vulnerability


Attention Debian server administrators! If you're running on AMD 7200 series servers, there's an urgent security concern you need to be aware of. The vulnerability, termed Zenbleed (CVE-2023-20593), could lead to potential data theft at a rate of 30kb per core, every second.


Step 1: Add the Unstable Repository:

Execute the following command to add the unstable repository to your Debian server's configuration:

echo "deb unstable non-free-firmware" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian-unstable.list

Step 2: Update Repositories:

Update all repositories with the command:

apt update

Ensure no packages will upgrade from the unstable repository by checking for upgradable packages:

apt list --upgradable

Step 3: Install Microcode Package for AMD CPU

Install the appropriate microcode package for AMD CPUs with the command:

apt install amd64-microcode

Step 4: Reboot the Server.

To apply the changes and ensure the microcode updates take effect, reboot your server with:


Step 5: Verify Microcode Update

After rebooting, confirm the microcode has been updated correctly by executing:

journalctl -k --grep="microcode updated early to"


This is a critical  security update. We strongly advise Debian server administrators to implement these steps immediately to protect against the Zenbleed vulnerability.

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