Plesk Windows Reseller Initial Setup


1. Login to Plesk Panel using URL given to you in New Account Information email.
2. Enter the username and password given to you in that mail.

3. Click on 'Service Plan'.

  (NOTE: By default there will be one service plan assigned to you which will be your account plan.You can assign this plan to your customers or you can create a new plan)

   Steps for creating a service plan:

   →  Click on ‘Add new plan’.

   →  Fill up all the details.

   →  Click on Ok.

4. Now create a customer.

  → Click on 'Customers'.

  → Click on 'Add New Customer'.

  → Fill up all the details.

→ In the subscription  section you need to give domain name of the customer .Also fill up the login details of panel through which customer can access his domain.

→ Select Service plan.
→ Click on Ok.


5. To create a subscription:


   In Plesk creating a subscription is equal to creating a domain.


   You can add subscription while creating an account or you can create it separately.


   We have already seen how to create it while creating an account.


   Now we will see how to create it separately.


   → Click on ‘Subscription’.


   → Click on ‘Add new Subscription.’


   → Give domain name .( eg.


   → Give username through which customer can login to domain Control panel.


   → Give Password.


   → Select Service Plan.


   → Click on OK.

6. To manage particular domain use following steps.

   → Click on 'Domains'.

   → Select the domain which you want to manage
   → Click on ‘Open in Control Panel’ option.

   → you will see the following window.

This will be home page of your panel.


To change your configuration click on the Icon pointed by the arrow.
This will open the following window.

7. On the homepage you can see following options:


   MAIL: You can create email accounts.

   APPLICATION: You can install various software by one click.

   FILES: You can upload files and folders.

   STATISTICS: You can see statistics of your domain.

   USERS: You can add user to your panel.

   ACCOUNT:You can see your account configuration.

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