How do I cancel my service ?

1. Log in to your client area.

2. Click on the "Services" tab.


3. Find the service you wish to cancel and click on it.



4. Click on the "Request Cancellation" button.



5. Confirm the cancellation by clicking on the "Request  Cancellation" followed by writing us the "reason for cancellation" button on the next page.

Immediate - is instant
End of billing period - till the end of the last unpaid invoice. So if the service is expiring on 30th Jan, the invoice is already generated till 28th Feb, then the end of the billing period is 28th Feb and they need to pay the invoice.

6. Your service will then be canceled and a cancellation notification will be sent to you.


7. You will see the message "Your cancellation request has been submitted. If you have done this by mistake please open a support ticket to notify us immediately, otherwise, your account may be terminated."



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