How do I change the billing cycle of my hosting account?

  1. Log in to your Client area account.
  2. Click on the services.

  3. Select the hosting package for which you want to change the billing cycle.

  4. Click on the ID number of the product OR the Arror which is at the right of the product description.

  5. Search for the "Change Billing Cycle" option in the second left menu.

  6. Select the new billing cycle for your hosting account.

  7. Click on "Change Billing Cycle " to apply your new billing cycle.

  8. Authenticate the billing cycle by clicking on the Ok button from the popup window.

  9. You will see the confirmation message in the top right corner.

  10. To verify the billing cycle changes please perform steps until the 4th step. 

    From the next due date, you will be paying with the new billing cycle.
    Note: We offer a discount when paying annually.
    You need to pay any already generated invoice before you change the billing cycle.

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